Why don’t you?

Why don’t you switch off the TV,  go out and do something less boring instead. That was the motto for my childhood years,  from the children’s programme ‘Why Don’t You’. It was a good one and the basis for much of my rants about the kids.  I’ve grown down as well as up since becoming a parent. I work hard for myself because I love what I do. I run businesses that I want to grow, alongside the children. I’ve not made life easy, business and kids don’t really mix, but we cope/don’t cope with the chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The motto of this new blog is to:  Write rather than rant about it.

Feel free to join in and offload your rant here at rantingparents.com

About Jacqueline Hammond

Contemporary British artist, Jacqueline Hammond, is renowned for producing strong, punchy images that are rich in texture and colour. A prolific painter and multidisciplinary artist, she exhibits widely and is commissioned by individual clients, collectors and high profile brands. Jacqueline’s inspiration comes from direct observation: subject matter is plucked from the world encountered every day. Some ideas evolve, others are reactionary. Thought-provoking themes explore today’s society, the media and cultural theory. Whether inspired by the street or the sea, Jacqueline’s work has an edge: her paintings are consistently striking. Her natural disposition is to let the paint dictate the creative process, trusting the medium and her mind’s eye to translate the vision.
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